Greetings from the narrows of life!

Elizabeth City North Carolina is located at the narrows of the Pasquotank River.  And that is where this begins… or does it?  I’m not sure.  My family  moved back there when I was 10 years old,  This area is where my family roots are… 5 generations at least.  I spent all of my formative years growing older there.  I refrain from using the term growing up because as you will see in the coming post, that may be somewhat questionable.

The purpose of the ramblings you are going to see here are twofold.  One, I am going to revisit those days… growing up in a small southern community during the 1970s… the exhilaration of bike rides, football games, hangouts, the anguish of teenage issues… the struggle to understand just who I was.

The second thing I want to do here is related to the last sentence.  Particularly the struggle part.  While the waters of the Pasquotank flow down from the narrows where the source of the river exists, toward the Albemarle Sound, I am living my life in reverse of this… struggling against the currents of life fighting so hard to return up the narrows… back to my source.  I will from time to time be speaking to this struggle against those currents and the strong desire I have to return to my source.

So if any of this rambling interest you, kick back, grab a cup of coffee or a hot tea and join my journey through the narrows of life.



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6 responses to “Greetings from the narrows of life!

  1. Jeff

    Looking forward to the journey!

  2. ready to follow…maybe learn a few things myself!

  3. Connie Jackson Umphlett

    Can’t wait to start reading.

  4. Mona Dowdy

    Ready to follow and looking forward to it!

  5. Bill Presnell

    I’ll take the ride with you!

  6. Helen Harris

    Looking forward to the journey !

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