And so it begins…..

While I spent the first 10 years of my life in Ahoskie, NC, I was actually born in Elizabeth City.  I was born in 1959 in the old hospital / community college / condo.  I don’t know the history of the facility but I can tell you that shortly after I was born a new hospital was built… and is still in use with several additions since.  The old hospital sits in an area called Riverside and has a great view of the river.

During my high school days, the parking lots around this facility were a wonderful place to come and sit and visit with the river.  There were many a day that I sat there and just looked out and wondered just what the in the heck I was going to do with my life.  And then again at night…. on Saturday nights because that was date night, it was a great place to come “park”… and as we liked to say….”watch the submarine races”.  On the nights of a full moon, there wasn’t a more beautiful place in the world.

Then in 1979 or 1980 I ended up right back in that same facility attending college classes because the College of the Albemarle was using that facility for a class room building.  Many of my classmates and I would meet every morning in a ground floor room that looked almost like a dungeon to have a cup of coffee before journeying upstairs to classes.  It seemed like every class I had was on the side of the building facing away from the river.  This was a good thing because I struggled enough to pay attention as it was.  God knows I probably wouldn’t have gotten a thing out of those classes if I could have looked out the window and gotten lost on the river.

Some time shortly after this, the college moved to a new facility… ironically next to the hospital.  Whomever purchased the old building converted it to condos… private residences.  They put up a private gate and blocked off the parking lot from the general public.  I haven’t been by there is quite some time… and not sure I want to either…. it’s hard when the views you had of your youth are just in your mind.  But at the same time… it is still one heck of a view from where I’m seeing it.



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5 responses to “And so it begins…..

  1. Jeff

    I was born in that same hospital. When I was a little older, we used to fish and crab from the stone retaining walls for hours on end during the long days of summer. I too “saw” many submarine races from the parking lot. Many many years later, after my dad died, an apartment in that same building became my Mom’s home. She lived there for 14 years until her stroke. When I would visit her we would sit on the balcony of her apartment in the morning, looking out at the narrows, and have coffee and talk about times gone by.

  2. Bev

    Oh the sweet memories of our youth….Walter, As you take your journey of the “good ole days”, we are all taken back to a place we love to call “home”! Thank you for sharing and helping us to remember……

  3. Eddie

    I too, was born in 1959 in the old hospital. My parents were raised and lived on the outer banks and this was the closest hospital. The day I was born there was a bad n’oreaster blowing and my mom came up by herself for a check up….I was born several weeks early. My mom gave birth before my dad could get here. He was fishing somewhere off hatteras I think. We he got the hospital he was so nervous and excited he kept asking for my mom under her maiden name and they kept telling him there wasn’t any one under that name checked in there. He was sitting in the car when he realized what he had done….he sheepishly went back to the reception desk and asked for Carol Meekins, upon which they said of course she was there.

    As for the submarine races…well….let’s just say that there were many opportunities that I became a man viewing the carolina moon shining on the Pasquotank.

    Thanks for the memores.

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