Before we get started…

I felt like I need to make just some general comments before I get into the specifics of things…  Growing up in my hometown wasn’t the best.  There was a lot of poverty.  The school system wasn’t the best in the world.  There was racial strife just like everywhere else in the south.  Because the town was relatively small there wasn’t a lot of things for young people to do.  The economy stunk so there weren’t a lot of job prospects.  So you gotta ask yourself, what in the heck is there worth writing about then?

As I have pondered these things, the conclusion I have come to is this… The fabric of my life was woven from all of the people that wandered in and out of it… it was the teachers, and preachers.  The friends and the bullies… it was the best buddies and the most beautiful girls that existed on God’s earth… it was the parents and brothers and sisters and cousins… aunts and uncles and grandparents… the whole lot of them….

So a lot of what you are going to see along this journey are those people… and the places… the smells and the flavors… and just maybe you will recognize some of them…. come to think about it…while it wasn’t the best… even with all of the faults I mentioned… it was still pretty darn good.


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