Oh, the fragrance of dirt!

Spring has almost past me by this year.  There has been so much going on in my life and lack of a real winter has put me in a funk that almost caused me to miss it completely.  One of the first signs of spring has always been the daffodils.  They would start blooming sometimes in February back home.  It always gave me such a sense of hope to see their bright yellow petals show up during the bleakness of winter.  But while I have been distracted by life, the daffodils have come and gone.

What caused me to head down this road today is the smell of Jasmine.  I caught the smell the other day and it immediately took me back.  The smells of my youth that remind me of carefree days out and about…. the smell of freshly turned soil in preparation of the annual crops… the smell of fresh cut grass mixed with wild onions… that first cut of the year always included the smell of onions….the smell of honeysuckle that just appeared out of nowhere as if God had put it there just for you.

Dear Spring 2012… I’m glad I came by just in time to catch a glimpse of you before you left forever…..


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