Shredding a life….

A week ago I sat in a chair with my trusty paper shredder and a huge stack of bank statements from back in the days of the dinosaurs… well maybe not quite that far back but you know… a long time ago.  In any case, I was all set to do some serious shredding… protecting my identity from all of those people out there that are going through my trash trying to steal my persona… (because, who wouldn’t want to be me, right?).

As I sat there shredding page after page and check after check I began to realize I was shredding my past.  There were checks for the usual stuff, like groceries, gas, electricity and phones.  But then there were those special ones… the ones written for hockey seasons, and band activities and school pictures and tux rentals for the prom…

It caused the whole process  to take a lot longer but it was great to just sit and remember a little.  And now I can’t help but wonder…. with all of the convenience of electronic stuff… are we losing something?  My sister and I recently found the very first check our parents ever wrote as a couple.. a rent check (check #001) back in 1952.  We threw a ton of them away…. but kept that one.  And now, all we see are electronic copies on a statement and eventually there won’t even be that.

I’m thinking I need to start hand writing some notes again…..


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