An EXTRA ordinary life

I was talking with a friend the other day and they were lamenting the ordinary life that they were living… that they longed for something extraordinary.  This caused me to start thinking… what is so ordinary?

Is it just ordinary for a man or a woman to get up every morning, struggling to get moving.. to face another day at a job that is drudgery… or another day of looking for that illusive job that all of your friends seem to have and you can’t locate?

Is it just ordinary to stay up late studying for an exam or writing that paper that could make the difference in passing or failing…. struggling to understand or to find the words that you know will make all of the difference?

Is it just ordinary to face another day of medical treatments that you know will take you to the verge of death in hopes that in the end, by doing this, your health will somehow be restored?

Is it ordinary for a single mother to work a full time job and still have to face a second full time job of being a mom to her kids… preparing meals, making sure that homework is done, washing clothes, cleaning house, ensuring that their children happy and healthy?

Is it ordinary to watch your parents grow older and older… dealing with all of the end of life issues that we all will face some day?

While these things may be routine in the course of our lives… they require extraordinary individuals to face the routine and still manage to keep one’s sanity.  So hold your head up proud and confident, my friend… as you go through this extraordinary journey you know as your life.



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2 responses to “An EXTRA ordinary life

  1. Doris

    Thanks….for reminding me to keep pushing thru this routine, an that we ALL are extraordinary!!! I needed to read this tonight. Oh by the way I am not promising to keep the sanity part :)…just saying.

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