Songs of Life….

Those of you that I was “friends” with on Facebook may remember that I use to post a song every morning.  They were usually songs from back in my youth… songs that when I hear them always took me back to places and events.  There are songs that I hear that remind me of specific people.  Some songs just make me break into a huge smile and I start singing along with them like I’m a rock star… others when I hear them open up old wounds… and in spite of the pain, I listen to the whole thing often in tears.  I don’t know why I want to relive those events in my life again.  Maybe it is so I can have a truer appreciation of the times that were so good and somehow slipped past me at the moment they were occurring.

I always hated when that happened… when I all of a sudden seem to come out of a daze and realize that what just happened in the immediate past was a wonderful thing… and I didn’t enjoy it to it’s fullest.

I have had a couple of events that have occurred in my life that I did manage to seize completely.. to be lost completely in the wonderfulness of the moment.  Both of them involved my kids.

It was Thanksgiving about 7 years ago and we were in Washington DC for a holiday hockey tournament.  Cam was playing on the worst team he had ever played on that year.  But there was one game during that tournament where everything seemed to come together for him anyway… he always was and still is a very good skater but for this one game he was incredible!

I usually yell a lot during his game (okay, no comments please).. but for some reason, in the middle of that game, I fell quiet… I was just lost in the moment… I relished every moment of watching him skate like the wind… listening to others cheer… hearing the sound of skates on ice… it was so liberating….

The other event was actually more than one… my daughter was in the band.  In addition to being an amazing marching band they were a phenomenal stage band too.  There is nothing that has brought more joy to me than to sit in the auditorium and listen to them play.. to see my daughter so completely lost in the song they are playing… it just warms my heart to this day when I think about it.

So while I started this off talking about songs of my youth.. I guess I’m really talking about songs of my life…  I just need to remember to stop and just listen to them more often… whether they are coming from a clarinet…. or a pair of hockey skates.


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  1. Now this one, my dear friend, really takes me back! Oh how I loved my band days! The marching season was the best, but I loved the concerts too. It was all just very much a part of who I am and those days had such a major influence on my life!

    This post reminds me of a common bond we share…..our love for our children! You are an amazing parent and role model for your kids! I know they love this post too!

    Thank you for sharing!

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