Yeah… those kids… that’s who I’m talking about…

Editors note:  Sorry I’m late this morning but sometimes life just dictates that you do things different that you had planned.  When the winds of life shift, sometimes you just have to adjust the sails to continue to make progress.    And now… on with the blog!!

There were all of the typical groups when I was in high school… the athletes, the real smart kids (quite irritating to those of us that were AL – Academically Lazy), those that were in the theater (just plain weird but in a interesting sort of way), those of us that stood on the outside and tried to figure out just who the heck we were (yeah, we all know who we are).. and then there were them… the band kids…

The band in the Elizabeth City Schools have been a big deal since back in the 1940s.  I have looked back at the ECHS yearbooks from my parents days and even then you could tell it was a huge deal.  To be honest it was quite irritating for those of us on the outside.  This group of students, in their fancy military styled uniforms… riding on their own buses (yep, EC bands had their own buses for a while… a very long while actually)… they always seemed a little bit snooty… like they were somehow better than the rest of us.

And yet… there were many of them that I called friend… and still do.  I have come to realize so much about that group of individuals.  They weren’t snooty at all.  What I had perceived as snooty was actually my own jealousy.  You see, they all shared a common interest… a common passion.  They were all driven by the miraculous beauty that a group of humans can create when they work together toward a common purpose.  The music they made still rings in my ears today.  In looking back, I so wish that I could have been a part of something that special.

Friday night lights would never have been the same if they hadn’t been there…. their contribution every bit as important as that of the teams on the field.  There could have been no pep rallies down by the court house…. and the small groups of them that played at basketball games meant as much as the full marching band during football season… And what Christmas Parade could have felt complete without them.  I never missed a spring concert in the Sheep Harney Auditorium while I was in high school.  The talent they displayed was… and is… phenomenal!

My band friends… you have contributed as much to the wonderful fabric of my life as anyone possibly could.  I still hear the fight song… I hear the cadence as you march… it is all still very much alive.  And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I too, with much humbleness and reverence…  just as Scott Callaway did… stand before you, remove my hat and bow.  You were then and still are the best…



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2 responses to “Yeah… those kids… that’s who I’m talking about…

  1. Cindy O

    Awww…Glad we were there to make a difference.

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