Saturdays and Grocery Shopping….

As you scurry around today and tomorrow trying to get together those items that you need for your Memorial Day cookout just think about this for a minute…

It is amazing how mundane grocery shopping is today.  We seem to run to the grocery store several times a week, picking up a little bit now and a little bit later..  In my youth grocery shopping was huge!!  Saturday at our house was dedicated to visiting just about every single grocery store in Elizabeth City.  We would get up early, head over to my grandmothers to get her list of things that she needed and then we would head on out.  I am still somewhat perplexed by it all but of course, you couldn’t get your meats from the S&R… they had to come from White & Brights because they had the best meat counter in town.  And my grandmother would only drink a coke from the 6.5 ounze bottle.. which, by the way, is the most perfect packaging of a product ever.  We had to get those from the S&R.  And we would have to run by the Colonial Store.. later known as Bg Star, I think. And of course we would swing by Winn Dixie too.  I do recall that we would walk up and down ever single aisle in every one of those stores, knowing full well that we weren’t going to buy but those specific items from each store.  I’m not sure what it was we were looking for but we had to look anyway.  I really don’t remember too many of the specifics about this but it struck me the last time I was in Elizabeth City… every single one of those stores is now gone.. replace by those mega chain, low price leaders… sigh… isn’t it funny how things that we  hated so bad when we were young, we now long for just one more time as we get older….



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2 responses to “Saturdays and Grocery Shopping….

  1. Connie Jackson Umphlett

    My parents always went to the grocery story every Thursday night. They would start at the A&P store get what they wanted from there and get their green stamps. (Those stamps helped us get several items we wanted as children.) Then they would go to the Colonial Store come home and we would all help put the groceries away. Miss those times!

    • It almost felt like Christmas day in some ways, didn’t it Connie.. unloading all that wonderful stuff… couldn’t hardly wait to start snacking!! That is until I got to be a teenager… then it was just a pain! I do miss it too!

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