Hey, do you remember….?!

I’ve been thinking a lot about places… those places that I use to hang out at as I was growing up.  I guess everyone has places they remember… there was always something comfortable and familiar about these places.  It’s where our friends were and where the events that have shaped our lives happened.

There was a place we called the sawdust trail back behind my mom and dad’s house (a place where the local sawmill apparently dumped the bark from thousands of trees) where everyone that had motorcycles would ride and we would spend hours and hours just wondering around in the woods… and then there was Whaley’s…  and Hill’s, down the street from Elizabeth City Junior High where we all went before and after school and tried to avoid Mr. Jolly… then there was the Circle Drive-In, Water Front Park, Tuck’s BarBQ, the mall parking lot.. and the Sewer Plant (yeah, I know… ).. the places where young, awkward teenagers grew into older, more awkward even more insecure teenagers… then there were my college hangouts… hang on.. this is a long list…. Rinaldi’s (where we had to pay a deposit on our beer mugs because they somehow kept leaving with us)… then Glady’s (where we would stand around a fire in a 55 gallon drum drinking beer and swapping lies)… the Sub and Mug…. Lambda Kappa Farm (Don’t ask… you had to be there…), the Golden Key, the Monarch (where we sang with Morris on Thursday nights), and finally Valhalla’s… (Paul served up 3 deep fried hot dogs for a dollar…. the best!!).

There are stories related to every one of these places that make me smile… and laugh… and cry.  You may know these places… and may even know the stories.   Maybe one day I will get around to writing down all of those stories… or maybe they are best kept in the recesses of my mind…  But even if you don’t… there are those places from your past that hold those stories for you too.  You remember the smells… the taste… the music… “that” guy or “that” girl… or “those” friends..

Take just a minute…. remember…. and smile and laugh and cry.


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