Things I’m still working on…

I composed this list of life lessons about a year ago as my daughter was completing high school.  My son is now entering his senior year of college and we are all entering new phases of our lives… so I put this out again as a reminder… to me.

As we go through our lives, these are the things that I feel are important stuff…

Find your passions

Remember those mornings when you were going somewhere or doing something that was so exciting to you that you were up hours before you were heading out?  Look for the things in your life that affect you like this every day.

Dive deep

It can be so tempting to just wander along the shoreline of your life.  It is safe.  But realize that the true beauty and rewards are from becoming totally immersed in it… go ahead… jump in.

When you fall… get up

Know this to be true… we are all  going to fall.  I wish so much for you that you, my friend, wouldn’t, but life just doesn’t work like that.  All I can tell you is… get up… and brush yourself off and have at it again.. and again.. and again..

When others fall.. help them up

It’s too easy in the mad rush of life to just run right past someone that has fallen.  Take your time… stop and help.  You may find the benefits that helping someone in need can enhance your life much more than the assistance you gave.

Be civil

I am saddened almost daily by the world we are creating.  People are so angry anymore.. There is so much discord… so many mean and angry comments are made.  We have not provided a very good example for young people on how to interact with others that are different.  When we are in disagreement with others, we need to remember… they are more like us than they are different.

Show compassion

There will always be those in the world that are less fortunate .  They may have less… but this does not make them less.  Always show people that you care… truly care about them.

Don’t waste your time on negative people

People that are focused on what is wrong, or how they were wronged, or what can’t be done, or what shouldn’t be done are not worth your time.  Always be polite but move along… don’t let them consume your life.

Being happy is better than being right

Don’t spend a lot of your life trying to prove to the universe that you are right.  It is energy wasted.  If I can tell you one thing to do.. spend your life being happy…. and here is the key to everything…. are you ready? 

THE KEY TO EVERYTHING IS….  spending more of your time doing the things that make you happy and less time on the things that don’t make you happy.  The challenge will always be… what makes you happy?

Follow your dreams

Whatever they are (the things that make you happy), and where ever they take you… follow your dreams. 

Now if I can just remember this myself…


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One response to “Things I’m still working on…

  1. Julia

    And there are the friends in life that help you remember all of the above and how very important it all is………

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