Music… and clocks….

I don’t know what it is lately but someone mentions something and a flood of memories just seems to wash over me.  Not too long ago, my daughter mentioned a song, “My Grandfather’s Clock”.  It was a song I hadn’t thought about in years.. and now it causes me to think about two different memories from my life.

I learned the words to a couple of verses of this song back when I was either in the third or fourth grade attending Ahoskie Elementary School… I was in Mrs. Umphlette’s class in third grade and Mrs. Lyon’s class in fourth.  It’s funny that I can’t remember the music teacher’s name that taught it to me but I do remember the words to the song.  We would go once a week to music and learn new songs and play a lot of percussion instruments… guess we just liked to beat on stuff a lot back then..

This song also made be think about the clock that sat on the shelf at my grandmother’s house.  It was a small steeple clock and ticked really loud.  I can still see my grandmother winding that clock every night before she went to bed.  It didn’t have a beautiful chime but still would sound out loudly on the hour. There was no where in that house that you couldn’t hear that clock.  It was kinda like the rhythm of the house… Any time I walked through the front door of her house and heard that clock… it felt like home.  The clock is now with my mom so I still get to hear it from time to time… and it always makes me smile.

Guess it is nice to have music… and clocks to help keep the rhythms of our lives going…


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  1. Annette Cowell

    It is certainly a comfort that, when so much around us is changing, we can take a small piece of the past forward with us. Thankfully, that clock is one we still have. And it’s still ticking away…hear it? I have only to close me eyes…

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