The Branding of Summer….

Back in the day, we were a lot more frugal with clothing money that today.  Basically because we didn’t have much money for anything.  I remember that typically my summer shorts quite often were the jeans from the previous winter that were just cut off so we could squeeze the last bit of life out of those jeans before we had to abandon them forever.  Nothing was sadder than finally having to give up those jeans for good.  There were three options for jeans back then… Levi’s, Lees or Wranglers.  And the wearers of all three were extremely loyal to their respective brands.

The shirts back then were one thing and one thing only… Tee Shirts.  We wore them year round.  We might have a coat on in the winter but basically we that was it.. Jeans and tee shirts.. just cut the jeans off and you were ready for the summer…

But also back then, when typically your old jeans became your shorts, they also served as our swim trunks too.  But just like I mentioned in an earlier writing about the bike of choice… you knew who the really cool guys were.. they didn’t wear cut-offs at the beach.  Oh no… they wore Birdwell Beach Britches!  I remember them well.. originally I believe they only came in three colors.. red, orange and yellow.  If you wore them, then obviously you knew which shirt to wear with them right?  Of course.. you’d never get caught without a Hang Ten shirt on.. remember those little bare feet?

Then came OP (Ocean Pacific) and the branding of summer has just exploded since….Foster Grants to Ray Bans to Oakleys to whatever it is now… the brands change as often as the season itself… but still… it’s hard to beat some baggy old shorts and a loose fitting sloppy tee with a pair of rainbows… and some cool looking aviators… break them out, my friends.. it’s definitely time!!


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