The Bread of Life….

Something that I have had on my mind a lot recently for some reason is my grandmother’s cooking skills.  She never had a recipe that I ever saw.  She never really used precise measurements of items either.  She could put flour, milk and some animal fat (don’t go getting all healthy on me… it was a time and place thing, okay?) in a bowl, mix them all together, measure out the exact right amount of dough in her hand and make the exact same number of biscuits every time.  To this day, I have never had a biscuit that compared to hers.

My grandmother made bread or some sort every day.  There were always biscuits in her house.  She baked an incredible cornbread too.  She also fried cornbread on occasion.  They looked almost like pancakes and would melt in your mouth just like the butter did when you smeared it on them.  The smell of those breads baking or frying would fill her house… and bring me comfort just knowing what was to come.

And it just wasn’t for meal time either.. her biscuits with her fig preserves were probably one of the best desserts I have ever had in my life.  oh, so good!

I still to this day, do not understand how but she could take  three day old, rock hard biscuits and soured milk and vanilla and create the most wonderful bread pudding ever.   I can remember my dad and I fighting over the corner pieces that were a little crunchy on the edges.

I miss so many things about my grandmother.  She was a true inspiration to me as you may have read in other posts.  And even now.. when I am seeking comfort… the memories of those wonderful breads are all it takes.  And let me tell you about her pecan pies……!!!!



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5 responses to “The Bread of Life….

  1. Oh, the smell of those wonderful foods that woke us up so early in the mornings. We didn’t mind though….remember…..It was okay to get up at the break of dawn and help gather eggs, wash laundry (and it wasn’t uncommon that the wash house was in a separate outside building), and gather wood for the wood burning stove…..oh the flood of memories…..they just rush in from my youth……

    As always Walter…..thank you for helping us to keep those memories alive! We are truly blessed to have lived in an age that left us with this love.

  2. Irene

    Well, crap! Now I am hungry and I can’t make a good biscuit for the life of me!

  3. Bobbi

    It seems that no one can cook as good as our Grandmothers! I can “stir-up” Grandma’s corn fritters, but can’t seem to fry them right. Can’t begin to touch her chicken pot pie or drop dumplings. May be one day……

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