Strong enough….

It was Easter time of my 8th grade year.  Back then they always let us have off some time around the holiday but I can’t remember specifically what days we were off from school but I know we were definitely off on Good Friday.

The reason this is so vivid in my mind is the events that occurred that day.  I was really searching my faith at the time… and spent lots of time thinking about Christianity and its impact on humankind in general.  I know that may sound weird for a 14 year old but as I am sure you can tell… I am a little different.  Anyway, there was a community service for Good Friday being held at Blackwell Memorial Baptist Church that started right before lunch time and went until about 3 o’clock.  There were different preachers from different denominations speaking at different times and people came and went as their schedules allowed.  Since I was off all day, I got up, did some things around the house and walked into town to attend the service.  I actually sat through the entire thing… enjoying each preachers message and spending much time in prayer.

I was feeling great on my walk back  home, even though I was wearing my Sunday shoes (and we all know that those were made for looks, not for walking!!).  In any case, I felt like I had gotten enough spiritual enrichment for one day so now it was play time!  My neighborhood friends and me were currently spending out days playing around in the dirt and mud and debris piles from the construction of Knobbs Creek Drive.  I quickly changed clothes, and met all my buddies out for an afternoon of running, doing nothing, and just exploring…

In the midst of all my running, I happened to step on the end of a long, road survey stick… the kind that was painted red on the top with numbers written down the side of it.  Well, the opposite end from the one I stepped on flew out of the ground and hit me right in the eye.  The pain was excruciating…. My hand immediately flew up to my eye and my friends ran over to see what had happened.

I could feel my eye watering like crazy from the sand and debris that was now in my eye.  As I took my hand down, I realized my eye wasn’t tearing but rather I had blood running all the way down to my elbow.  I’ll stop right there with the graphics of the moment and just say…. it hurt really bad and it was NOT a good situation.  My friends were all terrified and ran away… and I too took off for the house.

My mom and dad cleaned it up the best they could and took me straight to the emergency room.  As luck would have it, the one ophthalmologist we had in town was at a day long conference and wouldn’t be back until close to midnight.  So I laid in the emergency room for hours… trying to remain calm and wondering… how could God have let this happen to me… of all people… since I had been so faithful that day…

That was a thought that crossed my mind a million times over the coming months as I went through the pain of having my eye examined and cleaned many times… the doctor said he wasn’t sure whether I would ever regain my vision… I was devastated.

But as the months went by, and things improved… and I got to wear my sunglasses in school all the time (how cool was I?!?!)… hope returned..

My vision fully recovered… and I came to realize that the reason God let this happen to me… is that I was the one strong enough to handle it… Just as God recognizes that you are the one strong enough to bear your burdens…


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  1. Irene

    I have had many thoughts on this same subject….on being strong enough to bear your burdens. I often look back at the last 12-13 years of my life and sometimes wonder how in the world I have been able to bear some of the things that have come to me, both physically and mentally. I actually think that we all have the capabilty to handle much, much more than we realize. People ask me all the time how I handle my health issues, etc. and say that they could not do it. But I reply to them, that yes they could do it. I am no different than most. When we are given the hard situations most of us rise up to meet the challenge, without even realizing our own strength and perseverance. As for the “why” part, it does seem like God gives us hard situations to work through at times, and as you said, he knows we can do it, and he knows in the process it will teach us alot of lessons and make us stronger.

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