Waiting on the bell…

Don’t know why but I’ve had playgrounds on my mind lately.. well, not just play grounds but more specifically those places at school where we had to wait to get in the building.  I ‘m not talking about those places off the school grounds where we would gather (I imagine some of you remember the Whaley’s vs. Hill’s debate from Jr. High… if not, I am sure I will resurrect it here some day…)  You remember the places, I know… these places were the bars and night clubs of the elementary and Jr. High set… where all the significant social interactions took place.  It is where friends would gather in small groups and be loud and obnoxious and bother those around them.  It’s where the level of testosterone would sometimes get too high and it would boil over into some sort of physical fracas setting the world to buzzing.  It is where you would flirt with that particular boy or girl.  And not just flirting… it is where the loves that would last forever were born… and mostly died.  It’s where you’d try to convince your best friend to let you copy their homework because you were just too darn lazy to do it yourself.  It’s where you’d have a heart attack because you just learned about that science test in first period that you didn’t study for… only to find out your friends had gotten together and were just messing with you… maybe.

We’d stand behind PW Moore and watch as the buses came in and new friends would come join the group and we’d have to catch them up on all the latest 7th grade gossip.  We’d gather under the huge oak tree that stood in front of Elizabeth City Jr. High and argue about is it State or UNC or very awkwardly try to talk to the cute girls sitting along the wall on Road or Elizabeth Streets.  We’d get into fierce volleyball battles back behind the school after we ate lunch but before classes started back up again. Once we got to Northeastern we would either hang out in the cafeteria or the smoking area (yeah, they had designated areas for such things back in the day).  Then there were all my band friends that didn’t hang out with the rest of us but rather they all gather at the band rooms.  But I’m pretty sure the stories are somewhat similar there too.

Oh, there goes the bell now!  Come on!  Time to get to class… don’t forget your books!



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2 responses to “Waiting on the bell…

  1. Helen Harris

    Wow,I just went back to the day!!! Really enjoyed the blog!! By the way I was a Whaley’s girl! hahaha!

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