Building a universe in an afternoon…

It didn’t matter to us… chairs, card tables and some quilts…. old refrigerator boxes… scrap lumber from a nearby house construction (or at least we considered it scrap anyway)…. a large mound of dirt left behind from road work…we could always make it work.  We were some fort building fools!

I believe there have been thousands of days of my life that I have spent creating my own little universe… places that I saw as castles or caves or log cabins… there were always these elaborate stories that I would create in my mind that went along with the latest construction activity… involving fair maidens in distress or ruthless villains that needed to be brought to justice… or just a matter of being domestic within a world that I controlled and not a bunch of stupid adults… who really didn’t have a clue anyway.

We would create these worlds anywhere we could.  Some appeared in the garage while others would appear in the living room floor or the front yard or in a tree in the woods.  In any case, there were all so very temporary… just something to fill some time with some friends… a place that we had created all by ourselves with whatever we had available.  And for that brief period of time.. we were in charge and in control of the destiny of our universe…  nothing could happen to us that we didn’t want to happen… we were always happy… we would always win… I am really feeling the need for one of these structures right about now… where are those blankets?


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