You must have lost your mind!!

Editorial note:  Before I begin, I want to issue an apology.  To all of my companions that have joined me along this journey… I k now that many of you come here every day to see the latest goings on or meanderings along the narrows of life… I have let you down.  Unfortunately this journey we are on is not along a nice straight path and for the moment I ran into a sharp curve that took me off the path…. but I am fighting my way back!  And I thank you for coming around again…. now, where was I?  Oh yeah….

So I know you all are familiar with this… you set out a goal for yourself.. one that is incredibly ambitious.. one that people with think you are nuts for even considering, much less putting the effort out to actually think you can accomplish it.  And so it is with me.

I returned to the gym about a month and a half ago after a 7 year layoff.  I had made a promise to myself a couple years ago and I had just ignored it… but I’ll come back to that at another time… anyway, I am now working on my second month and I am thinking to myself that I can do 4 miles at a 4 percent grade on a treadmill… understand I haven’t done 4 miles on anything in like I said 7 years… or has it been 8?  In any case it’s been a long time.  So I get on the treadmill this morning and I start out.

You know how this goes…. when you start working on your goal, you are ever so optimistic.  Things are going well.  Everything is going just as you expected.  But the further and further you push the more and more the realization sets in that the goal is really out there.. I mean really, really out there!!  And so it went with me.  I got to 3 and a half miles and I was done.  I didn’t think I could take another step… and then he showed up…. Freddie… you remember him.  I heard those tight harmonies… “Is this the real life?  Is this just fantasy? Caught in the landslide. No escape from reality.”… and I just smiled.  And Freddie and his band mates from Queen took me on their shoulders and carried me that last half mile.  Four miles in 48:03… Thanks for the lift Freddie.  And remember.. “Any way the wind blows…”  Enjoy your day on the narrows.



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2 responses to “You must have lost your mind!!

  1. Irene

    Yes, thank goodness for Freddie, and all the others that inspire us to carry on! They have all helped me on many a housecleaning venture. When I really don’t want to be cleaning or whatever, I just …”Turn It Up….”

  2. Bev

    Walter, No doubt, we’re all guilty of straying from the path or direction that leads us to better mental and physical health, but the important thing is that we finally find our way again. I’m so very proud of you! Keep up the good work!

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