It sounded something like that….

You could hear us from at least a block away… the sound was familiar and yet very distinctive.  We liked to think it sounded just like a motor… like a powerful motorcycle… but in reality it was only playing cards and clothes pins that we stolen out our mom’s clothes pin bag in the cabinet by the washing machine.  We loved it.. the more cards the better.  We preferred Bicycle brand playing cards but would use baseball trading cards if we couldn’t find some from a deck where we had misplaced several of the cards thus rendering the rest of them useless for their original purpose.  And of course we would only use the players from teams we didn’t like!

When we weren’t making noise with those cards… we might find ourselves walking down a sidewalk…. find a couple of steel cans or maybe aluminum ones.  You remember the steel ones.. the ones with the seams on the sides…  But the aluminum ones worked the best… and you wanted ones that weren’t dented at all.. still perfectly round.  What you would do is just lay them on the sidewalk right in front of you and then stomp down on them, right in the middle just as hard as you could.  This would cause the can to fold up around your shoe and hold on tight thus creating an aluminum sole… and a great clanging sound with every step all the way home.

In a more quiet moment, we might just take a jump rope and twirl it as fast as we could over our heads.. if you could get it going fast enough, it would make a great whirring sound…. and in a not so quiet moment, the sound of a thousand kids playing kick ball or kick the can, or a thousand other games that we will be revisiting soon, would be enough to “wake the dead” as my grandmother would say.

All of these sounds led to the day when we would finally be behind the wheel of a car or truck or jeep… windows open or top off…. one of a thousand different 8 tracks popped in the deck…. and enough volume cranked up to make those Jensen Tri-axles seem like they would jump out of the vehicle…. oh yeah!  That’s the way the world should sound!!


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