If you listen closely…..

It is hard to believe it with the temperatures break records every day with this oppressive heat but I have snow on my mind. .. or maybe it’s because of the heat that I am thinking about it.  In any case, snow days in my youth were wonderful times.  There was that rare December snow that we can all remember but the main core of our wintery precipitation came in January and February.  The anticipation of just the slightest chance that we might even see a flurry would send the entire world into a panic… in anticipation of the impending Armageddon, we ALL knew the drill.  Everyone.. and I mean EVERYONE had to run to the store for what?  Yep, we all needed bread and milk.  Don’t worry that we had just gone to the store a day earlier and that the longest any of us had ever been without being able to get out of the house was maybe 48 hours.. but I digress.

I can remember sitting in Ms. Wards math class at Elizabeth City Jr. High watching the snow starting to accumulate on the sidewalks along Elizabeth Street and I just knew we were just a short time away from freedom… and snow!

I would love to walk home, put my books in the house and head out into the woods just to be there.. to stand and listen to the snow fall.  There was a different sound and feeling to the woods on days like that.  The snow would have to fight its way through the pine thickets to reach the ground.. and in the clearings a dusting would already cover everything.  We would spend hours just walking around… taking it all in… and praying that enough would fall that school would be cancelled for tomorrow!!

I long for snow days now.  The career path I chose… or that chose me, requires that the worse the weather gets, the more important it is that I get here.  There are aspects about that of which I am very proud… but you know…. it sure would be nice to just wander around in the woods and listen to the snow once again.


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  1. Walter – As you know I didn’t grow up near a woods but instead in a city neighborhood and what I remember about that snow you speak of is how silent the world became. The heavier the snow the more silent things became… Perhaps it was the fact that everyone and everything was slowly being forced to come to a grinding halt finding refuge inside someplace; or that as the snow grew deeper it created the sound barrier that muffled all noise as I knew it; or perhaps it was just those doggone ear muffs that I was forced to wear before I could go outside… whatever the reason I just remember total silence except the sound of falling snow… Wow, thanks for the memory!!!

    – Ami

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