Shameless promotion….

Today I deviate a little bit.  Yes, this is a shameless plug… but if you follow my writings and you love the part of NC where I grew up I still believe you will like this.

I have had several people ask me about the photograph on my blog.  This particular photograph was taken by a very good friend of mine, Bev Sutton.  Bev has gotten very interested in photography over the last year or so and as you can tell from this picture, I think she has a very keen eye.

She has been getting some instruction to help refine that vision of the world from a gentleman named Greg Diesel Walck.  I haven’t had the privilege of actually meeting Greg but Bev was gracious enough to introduce me to his work.  If you are on FaceBook just look up GregDiesel Landscape Photography.  Many of Greg’s photographs are of northeastern North Carolina waterways and beaches.. sunrises, sunsets and moonscapes… his photographs are nothing short of spectacular!  I so love just looking at them.. Every time I do,  I just get lost for a bit and I feel like I am back home again.  He also has a book or maybe even two of his pictures.  In any case, I know you won’t be disappointed…. so check him out.

And Bev, thanks so much for lending your eye to my blog… it is the perfect touch….



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2 responses to “Shameless promotion….

  1. Bev

    Your words are too kind Walter! Thank you for the kudos!!! I love nature and I love capturing the beauty of God’s creations. I’m fortunate to have Greg’s help and I hope to learn much from him. It’s my pleasure to share with you as I know how much you miss home……

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