Comfort of a sandwich… and a slice of chocolate pie!

When I was young she always scared me some.  Every time we went in her place she was always so gruff and seems so mad because I never saw her smile.  This was always a dilemma for me… because I loved her food so much.  She made a sandwich that was a combination of chicken salad, ham salad and pimento cheese all on one sandwich.  It was the best sandwich I believe I have ever had.  And her chocolate pies… oh my goodness!  Pure Heaven is all I can tell you.   I heard that her place once was actual a drive up business back when it started… you could pull right up to the curb and they would come out and take your order without having to get out of the car.  But by the time I came along, you could no longer park perpendicular along Road St.  Uncle Elgin (my dad’s uncle and our namesake) had passed away.  Maybe that was some of the reason that Aunt Becky seemed to be in such a bad mood.

But regardless of how she appeared, I came to understand that  it was just a front.  The reason I know this was that one day, she invited me to come into the back room…. and it was amazing!  The room was lined with shelves all the way around… and the shelves were packed full of all kinds of neat little toys.  Now I am sure there probably wasn’t as many toys as I am remembering but it sure seemed like the largest group of toys I had ever seen.  She told me to pick out whatever I wanted.  I thought the top of my head would come off trying to decide which of these lucky toys was going to get to go home with me.

She also sold gifts and toiletries and cards… come to think of it, there wasn’t much that she didn’t have in that little shop.  The people that lived around her shop would come in all the time just to check on her and make sure she was doing okay.  It was obvious that a lot of people thought a lot of her… and that she cared for them too.  So while I may have started off a little frightened of Aunt Becky… I came to appreciate her for the wonderful loving and caring person she truly was.  I really do miss her and the wonderful food that she served there at The Sundry Shop.



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6 responses to “Comfort of a sandwich… and a slice of chocolate pie!

  1. Kathy Leary

    I loved that place!

  2. Annette Cowell

    The sandwich must be toasted and a fresh orangeade to wash it down. She was a great cook.
    My favorite story about her is this: One day 2 young men came into her store planning to rob her. They had a gun. They walked up to the counter, pulled the gun and demanded all her cash. She was so angry that anyone would come into her store and threaten her that she reached across the counter, snatched the gun out of the guy’s hand, turned it on the two would-be robbers and said, “Now what exactly is it that you want?” They were so surprised and terrified that they fled the store at once! She could be a little scary.

  3. Irene

    I loved going there also. My dad would take me. I guess she had fountain drinks? My dad worked for Coke and did set up and repair of the fountain drink units, and also the vending machine repair. I got an Easy-Bake-Oven from there. I treasured that toy! I got several toys from there, she didn’t have many, but she had the really cool ones!

  4. Irene

    Well Walter, my memory may certainly be clouded! I think I may of gone in there and spotted a particular toy and never took my eyes off that toy to look at all the other ones! I remember eyeing that Easy Bake Oven for a while until I got it!

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