An Objective…

Editor’s note:  I first wrote this back in November 2010.  I was shocked when I saw that it had been that long ago.  Where has the time gone?  Well, after you read it, at the bottom is an update on where I am and what is going on…

A friend of mine recently reminded me how much I use to love running.  I had a particular run that I enjoyed making when I was growing up…

I would park at Charles Creek Park and head out down Riverside Avenue.. I’d run past Tonja and Kalla Jordan’s house.. or was that houses?  Seems like they lived in two houses next door to each other…  then I would turn right on Flora St  until I got to Debbie Hartzog’s house then turn on Preyer St and go by Cindy and Sandy Sowerby’s house…  Then right on Raleigh, left on Fairfax, right on Williams Circle down past Dorothy and Becky White’s then left on Williams Circle past Joey Ryan’s and Mike Jones’ houses; right on River Road around to Rivershore Road the all the way out around the circle at the back of Winslow Acres… and then back again… it is about a 5 mile loop along the river.  I loved that run.. past many friend’s houses and also getting to see the river.. it was a great distraction from the monotony of running.  I loved the rhythm of it… the synchronization of foot steps to breathing… the never changing yet always different view of the river… so easily lost in my thoughts of the day.

I always felt so good by the time I got back to Charles Creek Park.  So I was there this past weekend… I drove that rout just to refresh my memory… and I made a decision…. my object is to be able to run that route again.  Now I haven’t run in 6 years.. heck, I haven’t exercised in 6 years..who am I kidding!!

But now I have an objective… I want to get in good enough condition to run my old route again… guess it’s time to get crackin’ my friends… I’ll keep you posted as I begin working my way back to accomplishing this one!!

Well… as you can see, almost 2 full years have gone by since I wrote this note.  I won’t even begin to tell you here all that has transpired in that two year window of my life but I can tell you the sum total of it all has shaken me at my very core.  It is the sort of monumental shifts that I think must have created the Rocky Mountains… terrain altering forever no doubt.  But once again, I digress… over the last several months I have been trying to get this ship I call my life back under control as I forge my way through this storm.  One of the things that I have done is I finally.. yes, finally returned to the gym.

I have to tell you, it has been a challenge but I think I’m doing well.  I have dropped 35 lbs. and today… Friday July 13, 2012 I ran 5 miles in 58:48.  I was so exhausted I thought I was going to fall off of the treadmill but I didn’t… But all I can say is;  “Cam, you better be lacing up those running shoes, bud…. you got a date coming up with a little jog along the Pasquotank!!”


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  1. Mary M.

    Congratulations on the accomplishment…as you forge ahead their will be many more. Good Job my friend.

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