Time Passages… (a special edition)

As a parent I believe that I no longer measure time with a clock or even with a calendar.  I have come to measure the passing of time with the milestones of my children’s lives… the day they were born… the day they went off to school… first play they were in… singing in the choir.. being an acolyte… soccer games and hockey games… half time shows and band concerts…graduations and move in day at college.

And so here I stand measuring the passage of time again.  Today my oldest child… my son, turns 21.  How can that possibly be?  I blinked and he was grown.  The range of emotions runs the gamut… a little sad, a whole lot of happy.  I am so very proud of the young man he has become and I am truly honored to be a part of his life.

And so today I am quite certain he has had a beer… and I look forward not so much to me getting to buy him one…. but I look forward to going to a bar with him…. watching a football game…. and having him buy me one!  This getting older stuff isn’t all bad!  Happy Birthday, Cam!


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