A Place of Reflection…

Going to church when I was young was just about like breathing.  It seemed like if there was something going on at the church, I was there.  Not that I minded it.  A few of my friends went to the same church I did and even those that didn’t attend my church, they still went to one of the other churches there in town.   I sang in the choir for the time I was 6 years old… and I’ll come back to that another day.  But when I turned 12 I was then old enough to join the youth group at the church.  These groups became a major part of our social lives and as we got older we would invite our friends from other churches to come with us.

We met every Sunday night for dinner and a program.  And we would periodically do things there at the church or in the community at large to help others.  But every summer or rather in the spring we would go on a retreat to the beach.  Some times we would go camping down at Pea Island… which is just beyond the Bonner Bridge, if you are familiar with the Outer Banks.  Other times we would stay in church member’s cottages.

In any case, there wasn’t much sleeping that went on during these retreats.  Lots of friends staying up talking all night and boys messing with girls.. it was because we liked them but were too awkward to actually act like decent human beings.  But regardless, the girls seemed to tolerate us.

But believe it or not, it was a time of spiritual awakening with me some too.  We talked about the significance of Johnathan Livingston Seagull… and the reaction that people around the country were having to Jesus Christ Superstar…  It was a wonderful time to be exploring the greater questions of life.  And there isn’t a better place to explore those questions than the Outer Banks… come to think of it… that holds true even today.  I definitely need to get back down there again!


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  1. Annette Cowell

    I, too, have good memories of the Outer Banks. For me, it was a great place to sit, listen to the waves and the birds, and contemplate life. I hope to get a chance to do that again sometime. Thanks for the reminder….

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