And what a show it was!!

The auditorium at our high school was pretty small… actually it was so small that I don’t remember ever seeing anything performed on the stage there.  We did do a weird skit one time for the French Club and I do believe that the Drama Club use to do things there… and I am ashamed to say that I never attended any of their productions.

But there was a much larger auditorium at the old elementary school… when I say old, it was the one that my parents attended… and some of my friends attend…. and to my knowledge it is still in use today… Sheep Harney Elementary is the school’s name.  I have several very fond memories of this auditorium.  The first one, is when my dad’s immediate family… all his brothers and sisters and their kids posed on the steps for a picture on the occasion of my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.

The other memory is actually a series of memories… this auditorium is where the local community theater group would perform as well as groups of my friends that sung in a community choir and of course, the high school band had their concerts there…  I don’t believe I missed a single one of their concerts when I was in high school…

These were all large community events.  Everyone would show up for them so I always bought my tickets in advance.   I always tried to coordinate which night we were going to the show or concert with my other non-talented friends.  We wouldn’t want to have missed any of these concerts or plays.

The theatrical productions were pretty elaborate I thought for a town as small as ours.  I can remember going to see many a musical at that auditorium…. standing outside during the intermission visiting with friends and talking about how good the show was.

The band concerts were my favorite.  Not really having much talent musically myself (I struggled even playing the radio some times!) I found that group of musicians to be outstanding.  I still believe to this day that the band that Northeastern High School had during my high school years was one of the most talented group of musicians I have ever heard.  I recently came across the program from the spring concert my junior year…  how I miss those days sitting in those old theater seats, waiting on the concert to begin.  I remember Mr. Callaway coming out on the stage in his tuxedo and the sounds of the band  just enveloping me… and the solos by the seniors… my, how I was just blown away by their talent!

After the concert or the play, the band or the cast would come out front of the auditorium and visit with the patrons… the sense of community was palpable.  What a blessing that old theater was… and hopefully still is…..

A picture of my dad’s family on the steps at Sheep Harney Auditorium circa 1968.



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2 responses to “And what a show it was!!

  1. Doris Rogerson

    Great picture Walter, don’t forget, there was NO air-conditioner in there, and as far as I know it is still with NO air-conditioner!! But when all doors and windows are open you can feel a little breeze!!

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