Seeking words and the ability to stand again….

I have not written in a couple of days.  There is a very specific reason for this…  There are moments in our lives that have impact…. actually I guess all moments have impact but most of them are insignificant ones… the ones that come and go without much notice, if any at all.  But then there are others…. those moments that affect us so deeply that it sets up back on our heels.  Some of these can fabulous, glorious moments that we are so excited to see and want them to last forever.  Others are the opposite…. they are the moments that stop us still…. and sometimes bring us to our knees…. these are the moments that have been hitting me a lot lately.  I won’t go into a lot of what these events have been but the body blows have taken their toll on me.  The last two days really brought a lot of it to a head.

I write this just to say, that there are a couple of blogs that I am working on that will be coming very soon…   Whether we live life on the Narrows fighting our way upstream… or whether we have the wind at our backs in a down wind run… there are days that the words are just hard to find.  My friends, know that I am finding them again.. and they will be here soon.

My thanks to you all for taking this journey with me… your presence here is what enables me to get back up off my knees… and continue to move forward…  Your friendships are what makes it all worthwhile.


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