Life in 9 boxes and a trunk

My life saw some massive changes five years ago…. or rather, events from back then have led to massive changes… but the one thing that a lot of them have in common involve boxes.  Lots and lots of boxes…. and tape and packing paper.  Yep, I am once again in a major moving time of life.  My dad passed away and my mom has moved out of the house I grew up in.  Both of my kids have finished high school and are now living as nomads, wintering on college campuses and spending their summers here at the house or somewhere else.  And now my house is on the market too.

This weekend I moved my daughter back to college.  I don’t know if I’m getting better at it or if she just did such and outstanding job of packing but in either case, it was the easiest move I have had to deal with so far.  She somehow managed to get her entire life in 9 boxes and a trunk.  That is, it was the easiest from a physical standpoint.  Emotionally, not so easy.  Every move I have made lately seems to be pressing me harder and harder emotionally.

I don’t know what it is.  Could it be that with every move I make with my kids I am worried there may not be a return move and they may not ever move back again?  Or maybe it’s just dealing with getting older… my dad is gone…. mom is older…. the kids are older…. could that mean I’m getting older too?

But I am grateful to be able to do it… to load boxes…. to unload boxes… to watch life moving forward…. to be moving forward for all of us.  While it is very painful sometimes and sometimes moving isn’t always progress… we only grow as me keep moving….



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2 responses to “Life in 9 boxes and a trunk

  1. Annette Cowell

    All my moves recently have helped to teach me what’s really important and what I can really live without. A hard lesson to be sure, but eventually reducing a lot of unrecognized stress in the end. I hope yours will get you there too. And I think your daughter got the Alexander gene for packing…lol

  2. jean

    Impressive, Cara!!! Do you give lessons?

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