A Brief Moment in time….

Editors note:  Since I’ve been such a slackard lately, I thought I’d roll out a twofer today…. well, kind of a twofer anyway, since they both came out so close together… enjoy an evening on the beach…

We laid the blanket up in the soft sand, just under the rise of the dune line but below where the sea oats were starting to grow.  From that vantage point,  we were “up” a little bit and could easily see up and down the length of the beach in both directions.

The moon wasn’t full but it was a very clear night and as a result of the reflection of the moon on the water, it was like it was almost high noon, but with an eerie sort of light.  One lone couple could be seen silhouetted against the white foam of the crashing waves.  Other than them, there wasn’t a soul on the beach as far as the eye could see… just the sound of the waves, the cool feel of the sand between your toes and the faint taste of salt on your lips.  It was a strange and yet very familiar taste.  There hadn’t been anything salty eaten in hours and yet this taste was fresh… and you realize it was from the ever present spray coming from the relentless surf.

And so you sit in silence… and quiet conversation… discuss deep important things about life and the universe.  And suddenly you notice the phosphorescence in the crashing surf… and you realize that you haven’t seen them in years because of all the artificial light that obscures their beauty in just about every other beach you see… but not here.

And suddenly it strikes you… this is it… the perfect fusion of human interaction and nature… feeling and acting as one… comfort, joy, happiness and contentment wash over you as if those feelings were the very waves pounding the surf before you.  And for that brief moment in time… you realize what being in Heaven must feel like.


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