Falling all over again…

So I’m driving back to the house last night and I notice that the sun is setting earlier these days.  It was a little bit cooler for an August evening than is typical for mid to late August but I was taking advantage of it by riding with the windows down and the tunes up.

I have the good fortune to drive through a lot of farmland on my way back to the house.  The reason for the good fortune was evident last night.  As I was driving along all of a sudden I smelled it.  Oh the smell was so familiar to me.  It was a little bit sweet and yet it was a little bit earthy too…. even a bit musty.

As I rounded a curve, I came upon the source of this most wonderful smell.  They have begun cutting corn where I live.  I love the smells of harvest time.  Those smells that take me back to the miles after mile of corn fields… the dusty smell of potatoes being dug… and peanuts… The beautiful white fields of cotton in its full mature state… looking like a snow storm has happened in the middle of an 80 plus degree heat wave.

It won’t be long before doves find these freshly cut fields and then the hunters will return… the Friday night lights were all on at the local football fields this past weekend and I could hear the high school bands again.

I love this coming season of change…


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  1. Annette Cowell

    I miss fall most of all. It is my favorite time of year in the mid-Atlantic. Savor some for me, won’t you…

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