All that…. and more memories too.

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately… and that isn’t always a good thing!  When I think my mind can just jump all over the place.  But in this case, I have been pretty focused for someone with the attention span of a gnat.

My thoughts have been about this blog.  Am I just blogging about stories from my past?  Is that all there is to me?  Just these stories from a youth oh so many years ago or is it really about something else?  So here is the conclusion I have come to related why I write… and what I should be writing about.

It appears that I compartmentalize everything in groups of 4… There are 4 things that make us feel complete.  These things align with the mantra that you may remember that I mentioned a while back.. do you remember, “Physically Strong, Mentally Tough, Emotionally Secure and Spiritually Grounded”?  (well, it aligns in my mind, anyway..)

All of these memories are important.  But in addition to the memories, we also need our knowledge, our dreams, and our beliefs.  The more I learn, the more I realize I really don’t know very much.  But it is important to always search… and probe… and test… so that we are always expanding our knowledge.

Hope lives in our dreams.  Dreams are what get us up and going every day.  No matter how good the life that we are currently living.. the life that can be… the one we dream of… for our friends… our kids… ourselves.  I know that there is pain and sorry and sadness in my life… in the life of those that I care about…. but I do dream of a tomorrow where those things no longer exist… or at least are only present enough so that we can truly appreciate the joys and contentment that life can hold for us all.

Our memories, knowledge and dreams feed our believes.   Actually everything in our world helps form our beliefs…

So as I continue to write…. my trip back up the narrows won’t just include these stories from my memory, but I will share some of what I know… or at least what I think I know…. and some of my dreams… and some of my beliefs too!  But don’t worry friends… there are more memories too.. like the tricycle and the tar episode… and the permanent magic markers and the church wall….  and the great bike vs. trike accident…  and pee wee baseball… and.. oh yeah…. lots more memories!!!


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