Simply the best…

I have been thinking a lot lately about friends.  You remember those kids that you would get together with the moment you woke up and you would be with them all day long.. and a good part of the night too.  And you did this every day of your life.  You seemed to always want to do the same things.  Always thought the same thoughts… you were like one person in two different bodies.  There was just no way that you could possibly get through life without being in each others presence…. it was like you were Siamese twins separated at birth and forced to live in separate households.  How cruel was that!

Well, that’s not who I’ve been thinking about.  I have had true deep friendship on my mind.  While the people that I was just talking about may have turned into these kinds of friends, my guess is they probably didn’t.  Actually, all of my friends like that from my past are gone.  I never see or talk to any of them anymore.

But we all have those rarest of people in our lives.  If we are lucky we may have two or three… for most of us though… we are lucky to find one.  These are not people that love us for all of the things that we are.  Oh no, for some reason, they love us, in spite of all of the things that we are.  They will stand there and let us abuse them… ignore them…. hurt their feelings… stomp on everything that is important to them.  They will stand right there, pick themselves up from the ground after we have knocked them down for the 10th time in that one day… brush themselves off and keep standing there with us.

They will watch us take a match and light it and set it to our own lives and burn it all to the ground…. destroying everything that we have known and cared about and worked so hard for.  And when the smoke clears, we look around… disbelieving what we have done to ourselves… and their they stand… ready to help us.

Why do those people do this?  Why do they tolerate us and all of our shortcomings?  Loving us unconditionally?

Well, let me tell you… I am one of the blessed ones… I have just such a person in my life… they keep standing there…. and I have no idea why…. and yet, I don’t know what I would do if they weren’t there…  and so I thank you, my dearest of friends.  Thanks for your tolerance… your patience… your devotion…. and your love.

You do realize that you could take that match out of my hand before I actually use it sometime, don’t you?



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6 responses to “Simply the best…

  1. I feel blessed to have that special friend in my life…..together we stand….torch in hand…..always there…..
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  2. Mary M.

    I too am blessed to have friends who stand by me no matter what. Yet, as I pondered, I began to wonder if they feel blessed to have me counted as a friend. So, thank you for your thoughts…..I am now more determined to contact them more frequently; to let them know how important they are to me. Afterall, how can they remove the match from my hand if they don’t know I am holding it?

  3. Cara

    I hope some day I can say I have a friend like you described. I hope even more I can say I am a friend like that .

  4. Connie Jackson Umphlett

    Everyone need a true friend like you have described. Someone special who you can talk and joke with. Who knows how you feel and understands it. Keep writing my friend.

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