Just her…

I am deviating a little from my typical ramblings today.

Life has been really difficult lately.  There are lots of things going on that have caused me to question myself… question what I am doing… where I am going… who exactly I am.  The sheer volume of all of these things has just piled up to the point that the stress is more than I am accustom to dealing with on a daily basis causing even more struggles.

Not that my struggles are any more or worse than anyone else, but I think that you can relate.  In addition to all of the personal struggles going on in life, I  have so much work to do and don’t need to be celebrating any holidays right now.  And so I came into the weekend without feeling a lot of joy and excitement about having a long three day weekend… the weariness of life just seemed to keep coming.

And then I get a call from my daughter… she was on her way home to visit on her way to the beach.  So last night, she and I went to dinner at a wonderful restaurant…. we walked around downtown and talked about…. well… we talked about everything.  After that we went to see a movie… because movies are what “we” have always done together.  And then this morning we went to breakfast… and once again we talked about… everything.

I am so proud of the young woman that she is becoming.  While I will always be concerned about her… I don’t worry these days.  I know that while she will struggle sometimes… we all do… she is going to be fine.

And she saved me too… I so needed the last 18 hours… to have that time… with her… just her.  I can now face today rejuvenated and ready to take  on the world!  Yeah, life is tough… but I do love my daughter!


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  1. jean

    Take it from a daughter who adored her father…. your evening probably meant even more to her than it did to you. Wish I could do that one more time…..

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