A new day… a clean slate….

When I was younger we always started school on the Tuesday following Labor Day.  I’m not sure when the beginning of school started getting earlier and earlier but it seems to start in mid August now… with the first football game starting about the same time.

But in any case, that Tuesday after Labor Day was always my favorite day of the school year.  It was the day when I was able to get together with friends I hadn’t seen since the last day of school back in the first week of June.  I don’t know why but back then, that seemed like forever from June until September but now it just flies by.

As we got older and had our drivers license, my friends and me would see each other more often but still didn’t seem to get to spend too much time together.  Summers were always so busy with people taking trips and everyone working their summer jobs.  We normally would only see each other at baseball games or maybe in passing on the weekends.  But mostly the first day of school was a day for us to catch up.

But more importantly for me… the first day of school was a new beginning… it was a chance for me to wipe the slate clean… to actually commit to putting forth a better effort than the lack luster attempt I had made the year before.. and the year before that… and the year before that…

Quite often those days of commitment to a new and better future would be short lived.  Bad habits would resurface and I would just give up…. but for that brief moment in time… the possibilities  were endless.. and the future was totally bright!  Having the opportunity to put the failures of the past behind you and start all over again was a wonderful feeling.

Got to love the day after Labor Day!


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  1. Connie Jackson Umphlett

    Now days, the kids don’t have friends like we did.

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