Sure glad I wasn’t like that….

You all know them.  Many of you have them yourselves.  And you know what a pain they can be.  I’m talking about those people that are relatively close to you in age… shared your last name when you were younger…. and made your life just a living hell.

If they are older they could cast one heck of a shadow that was hard to get your light to shine outside of it.  And you are constantly reminded by the world that they are ahead of you… in EVERYTHING!   How many times did we all hear “Oh, you’re so and so’s little brother / sister”.  Crap, you knew right then that things weren’t  going to go well.  They were always the better athlete, setting world records and such… or a better student, scoring a gazillion on the SATs, president of the student body and most popular teenager ever… or they were first chair playing every instrument in the band simultaneously…  or God forbid, they were all of these things combined.  Well, maybe they weren’t all of that but it sure seemed that way.

And if they are younger they are just irritating little brats that are all in your business without ever being invited to be a part of things.  You could be talking with your friends, trying to exude the coolness that was totally you… and there they would be… saying something lame or doing something stupid.. or picking their nose or something equally grotesque.

And so the battles would rage, yelling, screaming, everything just short of physical violence… either that or there would be nothing at all…. a total void of contact and communication… as if the two of you lived on different planets…. in different solar systems… in different universes.

And then it would happen… the change would start to occur.  Or maybe it would be more abrupt.  But it always seem to coincide with the elder one moving out.  It is amazing how age and distance can actually improve one’s perspective on things.

So, as my sister got older.. and I guess that means I did too, it is amazing how we could actually have conversations that were  civilized and had some substance to them.  I began to develop an appreciation and respect that didn’t exist when I was younger.

I have just come to the realization that while she was all of those things I listed above that an older sibling can be… I guess that made me the younger one to her… Thank goodness we survived it all…

And now we are at a time in life when we have spent the last 10 years or so parenting our parents…. And it is amazing how, with each passing year, we seem to get closer and closer.  I am so grateful for this relationship now… and can’t think of anyone  that I would rather share this part of my life with… Sis… you are the best!


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  1. The feeling is mutual. The part about you being the best I mean. I think I came out exceptionally lucky in the brother department.

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