Singing a joyful noise

From the time I was about 5 years old I sang in the choir at church.   Mrs. Sharp… yes, her name was Sharp… that taught me piano lessons… mentioned in previous post, was also the person at our church responsible for the children’s choir.  I remember wearing those white smock tops with great big red bows around our necks.  I felt so silly but I always enjoyed singing in that little choir.  We actually were pretty good and did 2 part harmonies even at that age.  I was impressed.  There were 3 songs in particular that I remember us doing.  One was entitled “Brother James Air”.  It was light and well…. airy.  The other songs that I remember were both Christmas songs… one was “Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel” and the other was “The Friendly Beast”.  The reason I remember this so clearly is I had solos in both of them.  I was scared to death but I got through them both without passing out thank goodness!

When we moved to Elizabeth City my singing career continued in the children’s choir at First United Methodist Church.   The years in that particular choir weren’t all that memorable to me for some reason.  I just seemed to get through them.  I did always enjoy the holiday music the most.  Usually we would do something in conjunction with the adult choir which was always nice.

As I got older and started participating in our youth group, we were lucky enough to have an associate minister that was truly a musician.  He formed a group with those of us that were high school age.  We did more contemporary stuff but we also did a lot of music a cappella.  This was my favorite group with which I sang.   We always had a good time and not to brag too much… we were pretty good.  I particularly remember our version of “Carol of the Bells” and “Break Forth, Oh Beauteous Heavenly Light”.  The harmonies in “Carol” were just so nice.. and the presentation in “Break Forth” was awesome.  We would start out with just candles light in the sanctuary and the have someone bring up the house lights as we were singing.  It was a great effect.

By the time we got to my senior year of high school, the minister behind the choir had moved on and most of the best voices were in the classes ahead of me so it all just seemed to fade away.

I haven’t sung in a choir or group since then but I did do a little gig with some friends in college every now and then which was fun.  Isn’t it strange how things like that just seem to disappear from our lives sometimes?  I sometimes think about doing it again… but then again, it wouldn’t be the same I’m sure… but just maybe…. it really wouldn’t have to be….


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