gas caps, triaxials and the need for a few ones…

There are many things that I remember when I first started driving.  First, it was some things about the physical construction of the cars themselves.  Back then, you didn’t use the turn signal to flip the lights from dim to bright.   No, the dimmer switch was a button in the floor board that you operated with your left foot.  I never will forget how strange I thought it was when I drove a car with the switch in the turn signal.  Also, all of the cars that we had in my family had the gas cap located behind the back license plate.  It was a little bit difficult to hold the gas pump hose, hold down the license plate and get the lid off all at the same time.  And the lid wasn’t attached with a strap of any sort.   So to keep up with the gas cap while you were pumping gas, I would lay it upside down on the trunk with the little fin that stuck up from it down in the seam where the trunk lid came against the side.  More than once I drove off without putting the lid back on… that may have had something to do with the distraction of me standing there talking to my best friend about what sorts of mischief we were heading for or because I was jamming to some awesome tunes blaring on from my 8 track tape player through the most wonderful speakers on the planet… a pair of Jensen triaxials…

And to make things more convenient for everyone, gas stations started installing pay at the pump gas pumps.  These pumps were nothing like what you see at the gas station today.  They were regular looking gas pumps but there were these large boxes installed directly next to the pump that had a device in them that would accept one dollar bills just like the drink machines of today.  I never will forget that I use to always make sure that I had a few ones on me if I needed some gas.  The nice thing about life back then, was that I could drive just about all weekend long on about 5 dollars worth of gas… and lets face it, what else could you possibly spend the weekend doing?


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