Of course, I know EXACTLY what I’m doing with my life!

I knew exactly what I was going to do.  There was no question in my mind.  See, I had woken up on the bathroom floor at my grandmothers house one Saturday morning, stared in the mirror and really didn’t care too much for what I was looking at.

There were two main threads of stories that I had heard about my families as I was growing up.  One of them involved the church.  There was a long line of distinguished deacons, Sunday School teachers / superintendents and even a preacher or two.  Then there was the other side… the side that was the experts at consumption of fine distilled beverages… and my guess is some that weren’t so fine too.

And so I stood there… staring in the mirror…mouth so dry I could spit dust… head pounding so hard that I felt it would be a relief to just drill a hole in it and let whatever was in there that wanted to get out…. out and I came to the conclusion that I just didn’t like what I saw.  So the path was decided… I had no choice but to become a preacher.  And so I set out down that road….

I smile and chuckle to myself when I think about that now.  Many twists and turns happened over the following years that obviously led me to a different place.  Those stories of the twists and turns are coming but I guess what has gotten me thinking about this so much lately is my kids.

My daughter is a sophomore in college and just tearing it up academically… focused on accounting and driving through one balance sheet after another.  My son will be graduating from college next spring… and he struggles to decide which one of the forks in his life’s road he is going to take.

The fact is they are both right where they need to be.. they are right on track… to be the people they are meant to be…. just like I am on the track to be the person I am meant to be… whoever that is…

But while I’m still working on that… I’ll tell you some stories from my life… about exorcisms and attempted suicides and a run in with the law and a broken foot and a search for Wally P…. my, my my… the lives we have led…. and the ones that are still in front of us… I can hardly wait!


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