Today’s Flight….

I use to fly a lot in a different life… when I say a lot I mean several times every week.  I flew so much that I knew the flight numbers and times for every Delta flight going to Atlanta from 8 different airports around the country.  The employees in the Crown Room in the Atlanta airport knew me by name and would be looking for me every Monday morning at the exact same time.  It seems that every Delta flight must go through Atlanta…. I told someone back then that I swear I believe that when I die, before I can go to Heaven, I’m going to have to make a connection in Atlanta first.

But this isn’t about Atlanta… or airports… or even really air travel itself.  I’ve just had a lot of things on my mind… about going places… and experiencing things.  When I start that whole thought process, I tend to get very detailed in my thinking… Like how I hate sitting in airport lounges waiting on flights.  There will always be some kid there just irritating me to no end… and his parents totally oblivious to juniors behavior.

But what I was really thinking about the most was the pre-flight instructions by the flight attendant.  I heard that speech so much I could give it for them.  I knew all the hand gestures for the emergency exits… how to demonstrate the life jacket and using the seat as a flotation device… but my writing today isn’t about any of that either.

This is about the oxygen mask.  Should the cabin lose pressure, the mask will drop down… you know the drill… but the thing that has really gotten to me lately is the next part… “be sure and put on your mask before assisting others with theirs”.  I hadn’t thought about it too much but I guess it is hard to help someone else when you can’t breath yourself…  but then again…  this is pretty much true about everything in life isn’t it?  Okay everyone…. before you start assisting others be sure and have your own mask on, your tray table up and your seat in it’s straight and upright position….

Now, have a good flight.


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