My simple mind vs. the complex world… I think I’m losing!

The complexities of life are just about to cause my head to explode lately.  My mind seems to have kicked into some absurd warp speed overdrive.  Aging parents, work that I love and a job that I don’t, kids growing up and moving on with their lives, failed relationships, friends dealing with life threatening illness… the list gets longer and more complicated every day.   I now sleep about half as much as I use to… and probably only about a third of what I need.

So what’s the point?  Why all of this complexity?  Is it really so necessary?  So since I’ve been awake a lot… I’ve been working on a list… let’s call it Wally’s list to simple(r) living… Here’s what I’ve got so far (in no particular order)….

  • Travel light
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Never look directly into the sun
  • Always put your breathing mask on first before helping others
  • Do nothing
  • Pray
  • Read the instructions
  • Drink lots of water
  • Get up in time to see the sun rise
  • Less is almost always more
  • Go for lots of walks
  • Talk with friends (not text or chat or facebook or blog… really talk…. face to face… remember when we use to do that?)
  • Take the time to watch the sun set
  • Read
  • Do something
  • Finish strong
  • Always Love

I know it sounds like a lot but I don’t think I will do them all at once… I just think that if I change my focus, maybe I’ll actually do the second item on the list…. we’ll see.

Feel free to add to this.  I am quite sure that there are things I have omitted that should be included… and may have included somethings that we don’t need to do…. remember, we’re trying to travel light here.



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2 responses to “My simple mind vs. the complex world… I think I’m losing!

  1. Oh yeah… here’s another one…
    Sit on the beach as stare at the ocean. (How in the world did that one slip by me?… sleep deprivation is my guess)

  2. Rose

    Be spontaneous! They say it’s good for your body and mind… 😀

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