Digitized memories…

My sister has been on a picture scanning frenzy the last couple of days.  Loading up my inbox with pictures from Christmases of our youth.  It is great to have these pictures and to be able to so easily share them through these new mediums.

Every time I opened a new one it was like, “Yeah, I remember that now!” or “I had forgotten all about that!”.  But it also got me to thinking about the various  Christmas traditions that came and went.

Traditions, like putting out cookies for Santa… sometimes a milk but more often a coke… you remember the cokes in the returnable 6 and a half ounce bottles, right?  Now that I mention it,  it seems that I saw a picture over the last 10 years or so of my mom drinking Santa’s coke!  (I bet that explains why he never left her anything at our house!!!)

I can remember when I was real young my mom playing Christmas songs on the piano and all of us standing around singing just as loud as we could.  We weren’t half bad I have to say (this of course means, we weren’t half good either but what did we care!).

I remember when we transitioned from a live tree to an artificial one back in the late 60s… because that was the thing to do.. this was before large tree farms that groom live trees to such a perfect shape and size.  And the icicles that we would hang on the tree weren’t some whimpy fly away time.. they were thick and heavy and hung straight down.  The lights on the tree were another thing.  They were huge colorful bulbs.  And you didn’t put too many of them on the tree… probably because we couldn’t afford a bunch and also because they weren’t fancy, connect end to end strings.  One year in particular I remember when I was helping my dad test them before we put the on the tree, one of them got so hot it burned a hole in the carpet.  No, that wasn’t a fire hazard, was it?

And being good Southerners like we were… you never put too many decorations out… just some tasteful candles in the window… and one other special decoration that I will tell you about later…. but never the yards full of decorations that you see today!

And there was THE nativity scene….. just one… and the figurines were a little chipped and scarred from going in and out of storage… but I always loved it.  It was hard as a kid to not want to play with the camels and wise men and shepherds… but I always knew, that once this was set up on the fireplace mantel… the season was officially here!


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