Season of Perfection…

Okay people… it’s time… the perfectly selected gift which you have wrapped so perfectly should by now be under your perfectly decorated tree waiting to be opened  prior to you dining on your perfectly prepared meal by one of the perfect members of your perfect family…. right?

Well… I don’t know about you, but this isn’t EXACTLY the way things work in my world.  Actually, as I stress my way through the holidays it becomes abundantly clear… I don’t know if I have gotten exactly the right gift.  And those that I have gotten, well, my wrapping skills leave quite a bit to be desired.  And don’t even get me started about those damn lights on that tree!  For some reason the turkey doesn’t turn out exactly the way I had hoped a lot of the time.  As far as the perfect family goes… well… any family that I’m a member of is definitely lacking in the perfection category because of my presence if for no other reason.

But for some reason, I find myself here… once again… striving to attain some standard that I have never achieved… and I can’t help but wonder… is this really necessary?  I stress and ponder how am I going to get all of these things accomplished… make it all work out perfect for everyone.  And the reality is… I won’t.  No matter how hard I try.. it isn’t going to happen.

So I’ve been thinking back on the perfect Christmases from my past.  And the reality is… there aren’t any.  There has always been something that kept them from being perfect.  But yet, I look back on them all… and there are fond memories of pretty much all of them.  Those when I couldn’t find the right present, if I even felt like getting them at all, when the food wasn’t everything I had hoped for… those when there were huge, life changing family events occurring… those when financially there wasn’t much in the way of gifts… even that one when we burnt the carpet testing the lights… there was always something about them that made them memorable in a good way.

How can that be… and why do I keep stressing about everything this holiday is not?  That I can’t answer… but I can tell you this much… I have decided to dwell on what this holiday is in my life… not what it is not… so the lack of perfection is not a big deal to me now… So presents aren’t that big a deal.. nor is great food… not even whether those damn lights are all working…

Family, food, friends…. and the promise of salvation for my less than perfect life that this holiday brings is quite enough for me….

So relax my friends… whatever you have done, is more than enough… as a matter of fact… I would dare to say, that even with any shortcomings you may be feeling… this holiday will be perfect.


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