The willing…

I realize I’m late…. again.  Please forgive me… Living has a tendency to get in the way of…. well… my life some days… I’ll explain it all in a later post….

Memorial Day only meant one thing to me many years ago…. it was a day off from school!  We really didn’t do much back then because my dad always worked.  I was always just glad to have an extra day off from school.  It also meant that the end was near!  There were only 2 or 3 more weeks of school left and then the summer would be on.  As I got older, we would usually take the day and drive down to the beach… usually down to Plover Drive where we always hung out.  It was always so hard for me to focus on school from this point forward.  The air was too warm, the anticipation of carefree days too great… and once I had made that first trip down to the beach, well, all bets were off then.  Even though the ocean water was still really cold at the end of May, we didn’t care.  Just salt air and sand… and no thoughts of math or science or history or French class.  What a great feeling.

As is the case with most things in life, the older I have gotten the more reflective I have become about the significance of days such as this.  Living in a military town it is also more prevalent in my day to day life I’m guessing than those more removed from such things.  In any case, I so admire those that serve in our military.  The sense of purpose they seem to have in their lives… the contribution to the common good… going beyond themselves.  We should all strive to be that way in our lives I’m thinking… regardless of our lot in life.  How can we not be inspired by those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for us.  I know I certainly don’t deserve that…  but I am so grateful to those that are so willing…


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  1. jean

    Amen! We are so lucky to live amongst heroes.

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