There ain’t no raindrops on roses on this list…. well, not exactly

I haven’t been sleeping much lately.  I am being forced to live too much life in too short a time frame at the moment.  This causes me to feel exhausted.  But as soon as I lay down and try to get some sleep, my brain seems to find some strange, perverse hyper gear that just sends my head spinning nonstop…. health issues… relation issues…. work issues…. parental issues…. financial issues…. children issues… It sometimes feel like I add a new issues category every day.

So, what do you do about this?  Here is where I find myself.  You’ve read this blog before, right?  You know the kind of stuff I write about…. old stuff.  Well that’s what this one is about too.  I find myself laying there… thinking about old times, places and things.  A montage of things will start passing through my mind’s eye, like my life is a motion picture… a few of my favorite things, as it were.  Here are a few of the scenes (sights, sounds and maybe even a smell or two)…

  • The warmth of the sun as I walk along behind a lawn mower
  • The hissing sound of a sprinkler as you cut it on
  • The feel of mud as is squishes between your toes
  • The smell of fresh cut grass or freshly turned dirt
  • The sound of the waves continuously pounding the shore
  • The gentle splash of water against the hull of a boat
  • The ringing of the halyard as it constantly slaps again the mast.
  • The smell of collards cooking
  • The sight of a frost so heavy you’d swear it was snow
  • The back seat of bus 10… and then bus 32
  • The smell of popcorn popping at Grants or Roses or Eagles or well you get my drift
  • Watching movies at the Carolina Theater… and knowing every single person that is there too… and wondering what the heck is “she” doing there with “him”?
  • Tossing a Frisbee at Waterfront Park
  • Endless hours driving… nowhere
  • Jensen Tri-axial speakers
  • The sound of the band practicing in the distance
  • The glow of lights from a distant football field on a Friday night as you approached as the visiting team
  • The musty smell of dying leaves in the fall
  • The sound of a tennis ball firmly hit
  • The feel of unbelievable heat coming right through the bottoms of your shoes on the tennis court
  • The smell of sunscreen
  • The feel of sand beneath your feet and the taste of salt on your lips
  • The vinegary / salty / peppery taste of barbecue mixing with the sweet taste of cole slaw
  • The gentle lapping of the river against the bulkhead
  • The burning in your thighs after peddling your bike all the way across town
  • Sitting on the hood or trunk of a car in the Circle parking lot…. drinking beer and thinking you were doing such a great job of hiding it when the cops came by

I may have to come back to this list again some day… but right now, I’m feeling a bit sleepy… yawn!



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3 responses to “There ain’t no raindrops on roses on this list…. well, not exactly

  1. Helen Harris

    Ahh,..takes me back!!!

  2. Amazing how we can close our eyes….and see…hear…and smell….the memories…

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