Father lesson #3 (All you need is…)

We just never know whose life we will touch as we go through our day to day activities.

I guess to tell this next part I need to talk a bit about that “sabbatical” I referred to yesterday.  Back in ’79 I had left college and returned home. I partly went home because of the cost of college but also because I was struggling.. struggling trying to figure out life…. Maybe that’s just how life works for some of us or maybe I was just one of the confused ones… but life was a real struggle back then.  Living at home with my parents and now I was working at Coastal Office Equipment with Mr. Bill well…. as luck would have it, I would end up with the tires on my car all going bad at once.

I was struggling with what to do.  I had just started working and didn’t have much if any money at all.  It just felt like one more thing to pile on top of all the issues I was already dealing with.  I knew my mom and dad couldn’t really afford to help me either but I thought I should ask my dad what I should do.  My dad suggesting I go visit Mr. Willis Owens to see if he could help me out.  Mr. Owens owned the local Goodyear dealership.  I had gone to high school with his daughter.  He sang in the choir at church with my mom but we really weren’t close.  I was afraid to go talk with him.  I had no money and since I was just barely out of high school I had no credit either.  But once I explained my situation and he looked at my tires without hesitation he offered to extend me credit so that I could get my car back on the road and could get to work.  I was shocked.   He didn’t have to do it.. as a matter of fact, I now know that it wasn’t necessarily a wise business decision to extend credit to a 19 yr old that couldn’t figure out what he should be doing. But it’s like he didn’t care.. he could tell I was in need… and he helped me out.. without hesitating… and I will never forget his kindness toward me.

Mr. Owens will always hold a special place in my heart too…. we never know how we touch a life.

So there you have it…  3 men that weren’t my father but yet profoundly touched my life… one showing me the importance of love for yourself and having confidence and believing in yourself… another one that taught me that love for your children is more important than making money and running a business… and another that taught me to love others… to help people when and how you can… guess it’s true what the Beatles said… All you need is love.

And finally…to all my “dad” friends out there… never underestimate the affect you are having on those that you encounter every single day… be sure the example that we are setting is the one the world needs.


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