Linking the unlinkable

instamatic cameraSo lately I have had a bunch of old stuff on my mind.  I guess if you’ve read through all of these posts you would say so what makes this different than the last 5 years of your life… and I suppose that is actually a fair question.  But these thoughts all seemed so scattered and all over the place and then this weekend… in the middle of a 5k run… it all came together.  Why it happened then is beyond my feeble understand but here is an attempt at linking the unlinkable.

Here are the topics: a record album (vinyl for those of you unfamiliar with the format); 110 Kodak Instamatic camera (with flash cubes, of course); hand cranked ice cream freezer (the wooden ones were always better than those new fangled plastic ones were); and finally the TV show Hee Haw.  Okay, got them all?

These are the things I’ve been tossing around in my head and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out the connection of it all and then it dawned on me… all of these things, while the are very specific things, the all represented one thing in my life… anticipation.  Today, if you want music, you can immediately access daggone nearly every song every recorded in just a matter of seconds.  And listening doesn’t have to be an active thing… just fire up the ipod and let ‘er rip for hours on end.  We had to anticipate what was going on with an album… and pay attention so we could turn it over or select a new one to play.  And what was ever more exciting than going by the Oxena or whereever you had your pictures developed to pick them up and see just how lousy most of them were but there would be that one or two that were exactly as you had hoped.  Now I can have a gazillion pictures of what I did in the last 20 minutes posted on the internet for the entire world to see in a nanosecond.  And who can ever forget the anticipation of the hand cranked ice cream churn… if you didn’t crank, you didn’t eat so we all definitely cranked!!  And while that soft serve frozen yogurt by the gallon with 5 thousand toppings to choose from is nice… it can’t beat hand cranked peach in the summer time.  And so I come to Hee Haw… it isn’t so much about Hee Haw… it is about the time… I remember every Saturday night anticipating the next show coming on… and when it was over… the anticipation of the next weeks show would already start… whether it was Hee Haw or Laugh In or the Carol Burnett Show or whatever you watched…

So where is the anticipation in my life these days?  We live in an all access, instaneous available world.  I miss my anticipation.  I liked knowing that there were things out there in the near future that always bring me so much joy and happiness and laughter.  And then it hit me… My daughter is coming home for spring break this weekend!  Oh how I do love the anticipations of life!!!


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