Oh great!… some new clothes! Ugh!


Let’s be honest here… who really cared about the clothes.  It was never about them… it didn’t even matter if it was some that you had wanted, like a new pair of bell bottomed Levi’s or a Hang Ten tee shirt… nope, it was never about them.  It was always about the toys!  Its funny when I look at the toy ads today.  Everything is electronic it seems, even the games are mostly electronic.  And it seems that most folks want the latest “i” thing, whatever that happens to be.

I was recently looking back through some pictures of Christmases past… pictures of the much younger me with my cool new toy.  So I thought I’d share a couple of two or three with you.

$_57 (1)Rocking horse:  This was no ordinary piece of plastic on a medal frame with springs.  This was a wild stallion that just wanted to run fast.  Heaven only knows the number of miles that I went up and down on that thing.  I would spend hours trying to emulate the jockeys I saw on the Kentucky Derby.. but off the seat, back straight and still, only my arms img_7061.jpg_thumbnail02and legs rising and falling with the mad rush forward… what a thrill!  I believe we won every single race we entered.

Mattel Winchester rifle:  There is no point in having a horse, if you aren’t going to have a rifle too.  This was the best there was out there… just perfect for protecting the payroll (and those pretty women passengers) as you drove that dusty stage coach across the prairie lands of the west.

Hot Wheels race track (with supercharger of course):  I wore the knees out of my super-chargerjeans scooting around on the floor configuring and re-configuring that race track.  And when you got the supercharge set just right…. zoom!  those cars could fly… sometimes right out of the curve and across the room under the bed!

There are many others floating through my mind… Lincoln logs and bicycles and drums.  Is there anything more exciting than the anticipation of a Christmas morning as a kid!  I sure can’t think of anything!!!





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