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Three pies and the corner slice of a round cake…

My grandmother passed away 20 years ago this past May.  I have written about her on several occasions here.  I do miss her a lot.  It is particularly bad this time of year.  You see, she was really the family cook.   When ever there was a holiday or special occasion, you could bank on some of the most wonderful eating in the world at her house.

I remember many a day, sitting at her kitchen table while she was walking around preparing one thing or another.  We solved many of my worlds problems right there at that table.  She would prepare foods and I would talk and she would just listen, never really offering much of an opinion.  It was as if she knew that if she just let me keep talking, I would get to the right answer.

But as I think about my time with her there… I don’t ever recall seeing the first recipe for anything.  I’m pretty sure they all of the recipes were stored away in a file in her head… she could just get out the appropriate bowl, take out the ingredients, pour exactly the right amount in the bowl together and out would pop the most wonderful breads and cakes and pies.

Her pecan pies are still the best one I have ever had.  My sister took the time once to measure the ingredients so we all have the mechanics of how they go together.  It was funny…. the recipe always made three pies.  I have no idea why three… but I was always grateful for the fact that regardless of the number of people that showed up there would always be a slice available.

Nothing would put a smile on my face quicker than to walk in the kitchen and see one of her world famous chocolate layer cakes sitting on the counter.  My oh my those things were the best!!!  and the thing I love the best was the corner slices.  Yeah, she would cut the cake all the way across the middle, then start taking slices out from the center of one side.  As she worked her way out from the center, you would start approaching the edge.  This created a corner of sorts, that had even more icing on it than the other slices did!  It was my favorite…. with an ice cold glass of whole milk…. now that was something to be thankful for right there!


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